1. Maximise the value of IT
With ClearCost, you can evaluate cost-quality trade-offs to maximise the
business value of your service and project portfolio.

2. Reduce time-to-value
ClearCost best practices for service TCO models, IT metrics, and
reports allow you to create early and tangible results.

3. Increase acceptance by your stakeholders
Standard Taxonomy creates trust among business and technology

4. Create robust, repeatable results
You can replace error-prone spreadsheets with a reliable enterprise
platform that offers data versioning, security, and audit trails.

5. Leverage your data
ClearCost adaptive data management is built to work with operational
and finance data from diverse sources with varying data quality.

6. Shift your people’s time to creating more value
ClearCost lets you shift skilled labour from data collecting and
cleansing to TBM analytics and decision making.

7. Make fact-based decisions
A 360º view of service TCO, utilisation, and performance combined
with “what-if” analytics enables data-driven decisions.

8. Create true-and-fair IT charges
The bill of IT allows you to calculate IT chargebacks based on
consumption and TCO that the business can easily understand.

9. Compile reliable IT plans
IT cost transparency enables you to develop IT plans, budgets, and
forecasts that are fact-based and aligned with business demand.

10. Make monthly apples-to-apples comparisons to peers
Standard Taxonomy aligns with ClearCost IT Benchmarking to enable
easy, more frequent comparisons of your costs against those of industry
peers to identify productivity levers or demonstrate your efficiency

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