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We have been working with Queensland Health since 2007 to deliver complete transparency of ICT services to 16 HSS (Hospital & Services) across the state in complex and demanding environments.

ClearCost has been working with QLD Health to enable their service delivery model which provides transparent and defendable service costs as well as a powerful toolset to implement and manage the ongoing budgeting and re-forecasting processes.

More than 250 Cost Centre managers and team leaders across eHealth use ClearCost to manage their spend through forecasting and actuals reporting in a process managed by the eHealth Finance team.

The eHealth internal Finance group use ClearCost budgeting capabilities to plan and set budgets before the updated budget data is uploaded into SAP. This includes mid-year budget adjustments and forecasting.

The Services team utilise the service costs derived from ClearCost as the basis of chargebacks for services provided to the department and HSS’s.

“ClearCost has helped Queensland Health build an activity-based cost model for the whole of the IT organisation. This cost model is now used to calculate service costs and allocate usage-based charges of $300M for all IT users within Queensland Health.”

As Queensland Health continually seeking to improve its operational efficiency, many organisational changes have occurred throughout the 12-year relationship. ClearCost has equipped Queensland Health with the insight to make important strategic and structural decisions by providing clear and transparent information on the organisation’s IT operating and service costs.

Transparency in Chargeback has led to an improved relationship between the service providers and their business customers. Furthermore, this transparency has improved behaviours among the end user base.

Dysfunctional charging methodologies have largely been eliminated, as we strive to meet the objective of driving the right behaviours for all services – ultimately resulting in reduced overall costs.

The ability to compare actual spend with the budget inevitably leads to further development of the Service Catalogue and continuous improvement of the methodologies and cost drivers. By keeping in regular contact, we ensure they always have up-to-date information with which to make better decisions.