1. Reduce Costs through Supplier rationalisation
  2. Renegotiate key Suppler commercial and contractual terms and ensure alignment with company strategy
  3. Improve Quality, Governance and Cost Reduction in Shared Services
  4. Drive Enterprise value-for-money

The Challenge 

This Finance Services organisation had multiple third Party Suppliers providing similar services across a number of business areas including Recruitment Services, Compliance, Operations and Telecommunications Services.

Our client has asked us to establish strategic standardised sourcing processes, within an agreed timelines, scope and cost outcome. 

A key addition to their desired outcomes, was to ensure that the highest level of governance standards were enforced. Strengthening the customer and supplier relationship as a result.

The Solution 

We Delivered our Financial Services client a series of targeted outcomes over a (12) twelve month period including;

  1. Improving Governance, Risk and Compliance processes as a result of detailed RFx sourcing process to assist with the software platform selection.
  2. Renegotiated lower Treasury fees and services
  3. Renegotiated Payroll provider contractual and commercial arrangements leading to reduced costs
  4. RFx process to establish Recruitment Panels
  5. Renegotiated key Telecommunications and Technology contracts resulting in significant cost savings.


  • Successfully executed both complex and simple sourcing transactions under a fixed price with agreed outcomes and value for money KPI’s.
  • Delivered an average return on investment between (5x) five to (8x) eight time the fees paid, across 5 non-core expense categories within an accelerated time-frame typically in less than 12 weeks.
  • In specific category delivered a return on investment approximately (20x) twenty times  the fixed fee.
  • Millions saved in the first (12) twelve months, with improved service outcomes.


“We were pleased, that no matter the challenge presented, CDRU were capable to deliver far beyond our Financial Services business, operational and financial outcomes we expected. We are delighted to have then as a Business partner.” Financial Services CFO & COO. 


Clients contact details can be provided on request.