Our delivery capabilities surpass traditional Consulting Firms, as our professionals have an average of  27 years’ experience, which means they can add real value to your business and will roadmap the best and most efficient way to reach the outcomes you want.

Our services span the creation of strategic options and operating models, integration, transformation and governance of multiple cloud services in a consumption world.

We go deeper than traditional consultants and DELIVER guaranteed outcomes & savings.

Large Enterprise organisations and Government agencies work with us to manage and optimise their total costs and services in Technology and Shared Services functions over years. The Digital Lifecycle Group integrates three organisations, Cost Down Revenue Up (CDRU), Aligned Outcomes and ClearCost Software. Together we deliver comprehensive digital lifecycle execution services spanning independent consulting and services, Financial Management software to improve supplier governance, combined with local deal-based market benchmark data. Learn more about who we are.

The Digital Lifecycle Group Strategic Lifetime Client Journey

Our clients have to invest more in technology as their business models are being challenged and disrupted. Therefore, our clients’ boards and leadership teams are focusing on the value they are getting.

Our purpose is to help organisations better understand where they are.

“You will know what value for money is!”

Accelerated Time to Outcome

Moving from Return-on-Investment to Return-on-Outcome

The USP (Understanding, Solutioning & Proposing) Methodology is a proven roadmap to deliver outcomes with speed, quality and certainty: