cost transparency

Delivering real transparency over the IT Investment

We are proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor at the Gartner Symposium and ITExpo in Gold Coast, Australia. As Australia and New Zealand’s largest gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives, the Gartner Symposium provides us with the unique opportunity to discuss the emerging trends shaping IT and business.

Our team, is speaking on the subject of “Delivering Real Transparency Over the IT Investment: A Proven Path.” With over 38 years in the IT industry in a range of senior management positions in Investment Banking, Consulting Services, and Manufacturing organisations, Steve brings understanding and hard-earned experience in the commercial side of running an IT business.

The ClearCost methodology helps CIOs and IT Executives make business-driven decisions about their IT investments. Our clients have seen the true value of IT cost transparency, and we are looking forward to sharing success stories at the Gartner Symposium.

“Understanding where and why we are spending money is a critical aspect of a CIO’s role,” says Michael Dines, CIO of Goodstart Early Learning. “Not only does this provide transparency to our internal customers, it also allows identification of opportunities for further value add and areas for potential cost reduction. After many years of struggling with complex spreadsheets and fighting my ERP systems, I was introduced to ClearCost in the mid-2000’s in my previous role as CIO of Onesteel. The ease of use and CIO-focused approach has made life much simpler, and this value has carried forward to the extent that one of the first activities I undertook in my current CIO role after OneSteel was to introduce ClearCost in the first budgeting cycle.”

Our goal is to help CIOs better manage and explain their IT spend. To learn more about our IT Financial Management software solutions and consulting support, contact us or follow our updates from the Gartner Symposium.