What could your IT resources do if given more time?

If you do not have an IT Financial Management (ITFM) system, you are wasting time and money – valuable resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Whether you want to work on your business strategy or work on your golf game, our ITFM solution can free up time and energy. With our automated solution, you can spend your time as you see fit.

So, how does ITFM save you time?

Gain immediate access to critical IT investment information in business terms.

As an IT executive who is required to track costs, you are expected to:

  • Justify key business drivers for IT spend

  • Identify the total cost of ownership of each Service

  • Explain major IT cost variances or cost increases that the business cannot dispute

If you can’t readily provide IT spend transparency and linkage from GL to business services, you could be spending valuable time selling the accuracy of existing spreadsheets, explaining altered cost analysis, and addressing IT spend questions and legitimate concerns about the IT investments. With a fully automated SaaS ITFM solution, you can deliver explainable data analytics instantly, building credibility with the stakeholders.

Never rely on spreadsheets again.

A comprehensive Financial Management SaaS solution can eliminate the fragile ecosystems of spreadsheets that are too complicated, full or errors, and lack credibility. While spreadsheets can be sophisticated engineered, they have limitations on proper linkage between the GL, to Activity Pools, to Technical Services, and finally to Business Services – a difficult, time-consuming task for you and your team.

A complex spreadsheet would be heavily scrutinised during a financial audit, and yet many IT departments rely on spreadsheets to analyse complex financial information in response to demands for supporting the business. This places IT finance in a very compromising position!

As Gartner has stated:

 “Spreadsheets are great for many things; however, when it comes to running the business of technology, they’re inadequate and unreliable. CIOs and other tech management leaders must replace them with purpose-fit solutions.”

How does ClearCost save you even more time?

Rapid deployment SaaS model

We have created a rapid-build ITFM system (“ClearCost Builder”) geared to fast-track your current state of readiness and resourcing. With our Crawl, Walk, Run methodology, we can rapidly implement a fully automated system working around your current schedule. With our Builder approach, you can generate data analytics within a few weeks. We provide an operational Proof of Concept by building your taxonomy within days, not weeks. Based on our new Builder tool, we can demonstrate a fully functional shared service catalogue with your financial data and your organisational structure running comprehensive reporting and data analytics.

Proprietary data gathering software

Although many tech executives see the value in ITFM, they simply don’t have the time or budget for traditional deployment methods. Several major players in the ITFM market require months of ongoing consulting services before designing taxonomy and implementing a five-stage balanced model. Our remote consulting approach can gather a majority of your crucial financial data, cost pools, infrastructure, and business structure without business disruption or consultants at your doorstep. With our approach, software, and SaaS-based hosting, we can help your organisation implement a low-maintenance system with ongoing web-based video and conference support as needed. Our seasoned professionals are only a phone call away to answer any questions to explain our onboarding process.

Start Saving Time Today
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