Brendon Brownie

For 20 years Brendon has successfully led and/or consulted on commercial negotiations and major programs of work that develop people, technologies, processes and IT systems/applications to deliver business outcomes and services. These engagements have taken the form of ICT transformations, cost reduction programs and service development programs either via consulting directly to end organisations or via Tier 1 service providers (e.g.: Telstra, IBM). His industry experience includes the health, financial, media and utilities sectors.

Brendon has the business competencies, commercial competencies and technical competencies such that he can “bridge the gap” between the worlds so that the programs he manages and/or consults on deliver tangible business benefits rather than technology outcomes. His level of accountability and reporting is typically to CIOs, CFOs and/or heads of business.

Specialities: Commercial Negotiation, Program Director, PMP, Program Management, Business Change, Service Development, AGSM, MBA, CCIE, Telecommunications.