You have the strategy. Execution is a ‘team game’ with us.

We help your organisation re-direct operating capital and invest in technology in order to stay in business and grow your business. Our focus is to:

  • release value in technology and shared services investments by optimising the ‘keep the lights on’ spend, and
  • Free up your time to focus on smart disruptive new business models that improve organisational performance.

Change is the new normal and most large organisations suffer from backlogs and change fatigue. Transformation initiatives take organisations into the digital age. However, they also create new operational challenges, demanding new solutions in a world of shared services, consumption models and skills shortages.

The transition to cloud services and ongoing management demands the next generation of operating models while controlling costs. Every day our clients are dealing with the realities of expensive, complex legacy infrastructure across on-premise, public cloud or private hybrid environments.

Transformation never ends, the digital lifecycle demands new operating models to realise long-term ROI. This is the purpose of the Digital Lifecycle Group. Any technology or shared services function must be run like a business, with clear metrics and reporting transparency, as a business changes.

Our experienced specialist organisations – CDRU, Aligned.Outcomes and ClearCost –  have been integrated under the Digital Lifecycle Group umbrella. Together, our teams offer a unique end-to-end digital lifecycle capability spanning independent consulting and services and financial management software to improve supplier governance, all underpinned by local market benchmark data.

Together these three specialist teams form our unique blend of execution services that deliver unmatched outcomes:

  • re-direct capital. Base-lining technology costs, consumption and performance against unique local market data, utilise strategic sourcing to eliminate inefficiencies of time and wastage in expenditure
  • optimised operating models and transformation. Change is the new constant demanding operating models that deliver maximum efficiency and ongoing service integration and management within accelerated time-frames
  • value realisation. Running technology as a business demands granular, accurate, real-time and benchmarked asset information for both, internal and external measurement metrics.

Starting the journey is not fun work. It is detailed, tactical, operational and messy. It requires experience, proven process, sophisticated IT financial management software and current, detailed comparative local supplier market data. You need accountable people on your side of the table to make outcomes happen quickly so you can accelerate time to benefit.

We free up your time and capital to focus on strategy because great execution is our expertise.

Our clients have realised five to ten times return on investment. We guarantee it. Always.

Where do you want to start today?